Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When God Does the Same Thing in Different Ways

I have been pondering something lately:


I think about Israel leaving Egypt. When they faced the obstacle of the Red Sea in front of them and the pursuing Egyptian army behind them, Moses raised his rod and God parted the Red Sea. They miracluously crossed over on dry ground (Exodus 14). Forty years later, though, they approached the Jordan River and needed to cross it. A new generation was on the scene and I am sure it would have been easy for them to think that their new leader, Joshua, could just raise some rod, stick, or any other inanimate object over the river, even though it was at flood stage. God COULD do it!

But God did NOT do it. The same thing needed to happen--an uncrossable obstacle/body of water needed to be crossed. Would God do it just like He did it before?


God told the priests to lead the way as they carried the Ark of the Covenant and actually step foot into the river. Then the river would back up and..."voilĂ "...cross over the imposing trial that stood in front of them (Joshua 3).

I think of me. My life. My family. God has done so many wonderful things. But He is not done yet! He may do of the same things, but how often do we think in our minds HOW he is doing to do certain things? I know I do.

Isn't it great, though, that God never changes, and He is not limited by our finite minds. He can do the same thing in different ways!

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